Morris Shea

Continuous Flight Auger Piles

CFA piles should not be confused with augercast piles. While the installation process involves the advancement of a hollow stem auger, the equipment used for installation, effect on the soil, and materials used in construction are very different. CFA piles are installed using heavy section augers by fixed mast rigs with high torque turntables.


The equipment used allows relatively fast advancement with minimal revolutions, resulting in less soil disturbance and higher unit shaft friction. Pull down capability and the use of rock augers allows penetration into weak rock, allowing high capacities to be developed. In addition, the use of a plastic concrete instead of grout minimize bleed potential and reduces integrity issues in soft soils and fill materials. Morris-Shea has the capability to install 14” through 48” CFA piles with working capacities in excess of 1500 tons.

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