Morris Shea


Successful design-build foundation implementation requires five factors:

  • The ability to accurately evaluate the soil profile and groundwater conditions
  • The ability to accurately model foundation performance
  • The ability to match the foundation system to the soil profile disclosed
  • The resources to construct the foundation option
  • The vision to find unique and innovative solutions

Morris-Shea has all of the above. And more. Here’s a sampling of what we can provide.

Design Build Image - DR102 & CM101 Majestic Sun

To supplement Standard Penetration Test (SPT) borings, we own a 20-ton Cone Penetrometer. Cone penetration testing (CPT) is an in-situ test that is relatively fast and provides continual measurement of fundamental soil parameters used in pile capacity analysis. Comprehensive CPT coverage allows accurate 3-dimensional mapping of subsurface soil stratigraphy and variations in pertinent engineering parameters.

We provide accurate prediction analysis through pile performance modeling software (developed in-house), calibrated against extensive load test data over the past 12 years. Data acquisition systems on our drill rigs allow on-the-spot quality control to allow verification of design parameter as foundations are installed.

We have state-of-the-art deep foundation systems for all possible soil profiles, and we have the expertise to evaluate the cost and technical limitations of all of those systems—as well as their impact on constructability and schedule issues. We can also perform concrete design and construction in turnkey contracts when required.


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