Morris Shea

Drilled Shafts

Our fleet of European-manufactured drill rigs includes Bauer, Delmag, Wirth, Fundex and TesCar rigs with maximum torque capabilities up to 45 ton-meters. Our rigs, field practices, tooling and design procedures are all state of the art. Morris-Shea owns frac tanks, large capacity colloidal mixers, de-sanders and silos for use of mineral and polymer slurries.


We pioneered the use of double-wall sectional casing using the high torque available with our rigs to install “cased ahead” shafts. The cased ahead construction method removes the need for slurries in many cases and results in less soil disturbance, giving higher unit shaft friction values. Our comprehensive range of equipment, experience, and in-house design capabilities allow us to offer unique and innovative solutions to drilled shaft projects.


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