Morris Shea

Micropiles and Anchors

Renovations and additions to existing buildings, power plants, and other industrial facilities may require modifications to the original foundations or the installation of new foundations, which often are located in areas where conventional construction equipment cannot be used. We have extensive experience in the installation of drilled and driven micropiles for the enhancement of existing foundations and construction of new foundations. Our wide range of micropile rigs can install high-capacity micropiles in the most challenging conditions and soil/rock profiles. Where potential contaminated soils have been identified that preclude the use of conventional drilled piles, we’ve used both top-driven H-piles and bottom-driven pipe piles to meet load requirements.

Ground and tieback anchors can be used to provide temporary or permanent stability and support problems. Designed to withstand lateral and uplift forces, these structural members are typically used with temporary deep excavation support systems and for permanent retaining walls. Anchors can also be used for dam stabilization and to resist hydrostatic uplift and wind-produced forces.

Morris-Shea excels at installing anchors in challenging soil and rock conditions. Our in-house design and detailing capability facilitates optimization of anchor layout and loads to best meet the engineering requirements, structural performance, and soil conditions present.


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