Morris Shea

Restricted Access

Frequently, renovations to existing buildings or additions to buildings, power plants and industrial facilities require modifications to existing foundations or the construction of new foundations in areas with restricted access or low headroom. These situations require specialized equipment and construction practices. We are experts at installing drilled shafts, augercast piles, driven piles, and micropiles in these conditions.


By using correct tooling and construction practices, we’ve successfully socketed 54-inch drilled shafts in 20,000-psi rock using restricted access equipment. Where access is too limited for such compact rigs, we’ve mounted power swivels directly on forklifts or excavators to fit within the work area.

We’ve also used high-capacity micropiles as an alternative to conventional pile and shaft options. Our specialized equipment, expertise in design-build foundations, and ability to offer complete deep foundation packages allow us to provide cost-effective solutions to challenging projects.


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